Redondo Tour of the Historic Centre

Returning to medieval times in Alentejo

Witness the foundation of the village of Redondo, dating back to 1318

See the landmarks which reveal important Houses and families of the region involved in its development

Get in touch with the religious, gastronomic and crafts heritage of Redondo

What We Do


Feel welcome in the hospitable Redondo village as you take in the tour guide's first words about his hometown


Cross an original gate in the old wall with us and learn about the codes carved on ancient stones for centuries until this day


Learn the stages that raw clay chunks go through until they become terracotta works of art that go round the world


Climb the ancient stairs up the old walls and let the overwhelming scenic view of earth touching the sky enter your heart


Learn about several institutions that contributed to the growth of Redondo and historic architectural milestones


Take the (optional) opportunity to taste the typical Alentejo delicacies on a tavern where locals strengthen their bonds daily

We designed this Redondo Tour for those who can’t settle with just strolling aimlessly and looking around cluelessly. People like you, eager to immerse into the fine details and get a clear view of how the past defines the present of this part of Alentejo, Portugal.

Our guided tour of Redondo enables you to visualise it beyond the upright walls. Visit the places you came to see but get much more from your time. Take home the memory of a real place with real people. Feel the quiet pulse of Alentejo streets. Try the culinary treats. And go home with the wish to tell everyone about Redondo.

Enticing stories of settlements and kings

Stunning landscape views over the outskirts of Redondo

Meeting a lifetime potter and his outstanding work

Architectural gems on cobbled streets and squares

Testimony of religious buildings like Redondo's Main Church

Savouring of authentic traditional Alentejo cuisine

Redondo Tours
Guided tour in Redondo historic centre (around 1.5 hours)
Traditional 3-course meal (wine inc) at a typical tavern
Iberian black pork (jamon ibérico) and cheese tasting
Wine tasting (Dez Tostões/Senhor Doutor d’Evoramonte ranges)
Wine tasting (Cem Reis range)

Children: 0 to 6 – €5; 7 to 15 – 50% discount.

Shuttle transportation from your hotel to the farm – 0.50€ per km.

All prices shown per person except Iberian Black Pork and cheese tasting (25€ per pack, up to 4 people). Guided tours are only available if booked 1/2 days in advance.