Exploring Alentejo Cork Forest

Go through lush hills, listen to the sounds of the cork forest, feel the wind on olive groves,

the warmth of the vineyards, the echo of medieval fortresses and the whisper of abandoned chapels.

Join us! We open the heart of the real Alentejo to you.

Our activities

Cork Trekking

Corktrekking on our farm means quiet hikes with family & friends or longer trekkings to learn all about cork

Jeep Tour

Discover Alentejo fields easily on a 4x4 tour that takes you through the farm and beyond on beautiful dirt roads

Alentejo typical Cuisine

Have lunch at a typical restaurant where the locals taste real Alentejo food

Meet the past

Adventure meets history when we witness remains of the human presence in Serra d'Ossa

Vineyards and Wine Tasting Experience

Visit the vineyards where our award-winning wines come from and have your own wine tasting experience

Nature Activities

Nature activities like birdwatching and stargazing on the cork farm bring you closer to the stunning environment

Maroteira Farm

and its


Herdade da Maroteira is a farm on the foothills of the Serra D’Ossa, in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Owned by an Anglo-Portuguese family  for over 5 generations, the 540-hectare farm was originally dedicated to cork forestry and livestock, activities administrated from its farmhouse built in the traditional style, overlooking the surrounding countryside.


Today, the estate also includes a vineyard, which produces an internationally acclaimed wine you can taste. It also has the perfect accommodation for agro-tourism on the farmhouse, a lodge and a cottage.  The amazing location offers opportunities for a number of country activities that bring you closer to nature. The way we should live every day, relaxing alongside nature, having picnics while drinking wine  and meeting authentic people in the countryside.

Cork Trekking

Discover the cork oak forest hiking through our quiet fields. Embrace your senses’ experiences. Learn all about what cork is today and its heritage.

Cork Jeep Tours

Set off on a 4×4 vehicle drive on dirt roads. Explore the cork oak forest top on or off. Reach further and higher in your unique cork learning experience.

Corktrekking from above

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