Trekking Tours in Alentejo - Corktrekking
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Hiking in the Alentejo Cork Forest

Alentejo Countryside walks

Be our trekking companion on a journey along the farm roads with the Serra D’Ossa in sight

Uncover a new part of the farm production past the corner: cork, wine, pork, honey

Feel part of the Alentejo landscape step after step and get back to nature for a while

What We Do


Set off for a peaceful hike among friends and seize what nature provides along the trails: warm sun or cork tree shade


Follow inspiring tour leaders whose footsteps have been marking the Alentejo ground since they were children


Know the cork forest intimately by taking it in with your every awaken sense like you have never imagined


Collect each moment with the fauna, flora, water springs and overall scenery as a cherished memory to share


Hike up the hill for a 360º rewarding view over the farm boundaries, the beautiful Serra D'Ossa and your next trail


Reach the farmlands where our precious grapes mature before becoming internationally prized wines

Allowing yourself to spend some time as close to the Alentejo ground as you can get is a wonderful gift.  Because a time off was long due. There is probably no better place than our farmlands to witness and experience  the greatness of south Portugal nature and traditions.

Be one with your surroundings. Find your own hiking pace and break it whenever you come across something special. Pay attention to the sounds and smells of what encircles you. Reencounter Alentejo countryside at the dining table. Look above you after sunset and discover a distant shiny world.

Exploration of the Dolmens in Serra D'Ossa

Birdwatching in our beautiful cork forest ecosystem

Lunch at a typical Alentejo cuisine restaurant

Wine tasting experience

Picnic at the highest hill of the farm

Stargazing after the sunset shows a dark clean sky

What our guests say on TripAdvisor

Cork trekking in Alentejo
Hike on the cork forest (around 2 hours)
Hike on the cork forest (around 1 hour)
Hike on the cork forest and vineyards (half day)
Hike on the farm and surrounding hills + lunch (full day)
Picnic at the farm
Traditional 3-course meal (wine inc) in a typical restaurant
Traditional 3-course meal (wine inc) in Herdade da Maroteira
€ Upon request
Iberian black pork (jamon ibérico) and cheese tasting
Wine tasting (Dez Tostões/Senhor Doutor d’Evoramonte ranges)
Wine tasting (Cem Reis range)
€ Upon request
Corktrekking Experience Pack (Hike + Dolmens’ exploration + Lunch + Wine Tasting + Iberian black pork and cheese tasting)

Children: 0 to 6 – €5; 7 to 15 – 50% discount.

Shuttle transportation from your hotel to the farm: price upon request.

All prices shown per person except Iberian Black Pork and cheese tasting (25€ per pack, up to 4 people). Guided tours are only available if booked 1/2 days in advance.

Also check out the options to Sleep on the Farm.